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Friday, 11 January 2013 07:08

Darren Kelly


Darren is one of our newest members and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He has spent over 20 years working in the corporate arena.

After a change in direction, he is currently working for a well established not-for-profit organisation on the Central Coast. Throughout his career, he has become an expert in Project Management, Business Analytics, Fundraising and Marketing, Compliance and OH&S. From this, Darren has extensive knowledge of Project Methodology, Professional Networking, Business Systems and Models, Industry Standards and Best Practice, Information Technology, Social Media, Governance and Business Continuity. One of Darren's current focuses is staying abreast of the reform in the Disability and not-for-profit sector. This includes the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the impact on the current business models adopted by many NGO's across Australia.

Being analytical and methodical, Darren understands the importance of having accurate information to make decisions. He strongly believes in AFOM's approach of supporting research into the impacts on families of serving military personnel, past and present. Darren's father is a returned Vietnam Veteran.


Last modified on Sunday, 20 January 2013 08:09