The Australian Families of the Military Research and Support Foundation (AFOM) is a Foundation set up by past and current serving Australian Military Personnel and their families.

Our mission is to advance the health and wellbeing of partners and families of past and current serving Australian Military Personnel.

We aim to become the foremost organisation in Australia that:

  • promotes, coordinates and funds research that is not encumbered by political and/or Departmental outcomes.
  • provides support for and advocates for the needs of partners and families of past and current Australian Military personnel.

Latest News & Updates

October 19, 2020

Family Wellbeing Study

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Consideration could also be given by the Australian Government to funding and developing further specialist mental health centres of excellence within all major defence service regions, providing local capability and knowledge as well as the opportunity to…
September 08, 2020

The impact of deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan on partners and wives of military personnel

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Deployment has well documented psychological consequences for military personnel. To fully understand the human cost of war, the psychosocial impact of separation and homecoming of military personnel on their families must also be considered. Recent arduous…
September 08, 2020

The Duration of Deployment and Sensitization to Stress

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This article addresses conceptual and theoretical issues concerning how the duration of deployment to a combat theater of operations may impact the mental health of deployed troops. A core principle of occupational medicine, critical to this aim, is to…
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May 20, 2020

Important Research:Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrated by Australian Defence Force Personnel: an exploratory study.

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My name is Rebecca Pollard from the School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and I’m doing a PhD into Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Perpetrated by Australian Defence Force (ADF) Personnel. Rebecca Pollard <rebecca.deane@qut.edu.au>;
Jul 13, 2019 1000

Research Papers and more

For those interested in Research into Australian Military Families. Just click on link to…
Jul 07, 2019 1938

Research on Moral Injury

May 03, 2019 1817


Singleton Youth Workshop Flyer FINAL
Feb 27, 2019 3863

A Mental Health Workshop for Parents/Carers of Adolescents

AFOM has collaborated with other organisations to present this workshop. The workshop was…
Feb 10, 2019 1698

The War Within

RESEARCH PROJECT The War Within: Making sense of suicide through narratives with former…
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Jan 17, 2019 1089

Self-Compassion Reduces Negative Mood Over Time

Nathan A Heflick Ph.D New research shows that accepting negative moods can reduce them. I…