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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 11:03

University of New England

A research program not encumbered by political/ government outcomes.

This program provides a high standard of Integrity and Ethics in Research of Australian Military Families; acknowledge people's contributions and intellectual property; promotes trust and confidence within the Military and Veterans as well as general community regarding research.

The program will also assist in coordinating and communicating current research primarily to integrate it into a cooperative and program approach; assist where possible members of the Military and their families (past present and future) to gain their post graduate degree in this field of research. This would help to give a more coordinated approach to the research area. It will correspondingly give a good balance of "knowing the field" while being guided by experts in pure research.

The program will:

  • encourage and promote research, education and the advancement of health and well-being of partners and families of Australian Military personnel;
  • encourage and develop the work of researchers and scientists in the fields of positive psychology, stress, appraisal and coping, resilience and emotional intelligence, together with any variable that affects the health and well-being of partners and families of Australian Military personnel,
  • support and encourage the research aspirations of University post graduate students and members by assisting them with access to families of the Australian Military population;
  • promote the importance of high quality and innovative clinical and scientific research in the field of the health and well-being of partners and families of the Australian Military within Australia;
  • promote and raise awareness of research into the health and wellbeing of families of Australian Military personnel with a viewto improving outcomes in the areas of care and prevention of mental health and psychosocial problems.




Staff and Students Currently Working in this Project

Dr Einar B. Thorsteinsson

Dr Navjot Bhullar

Gail V. MacDonell, OAM

Dr Sue Outram


Last modified on Sunday, 17 April 2016 16:44

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