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Thursday, 10 January 2013 08:27

Keeping dementia front of mind

Incidence and prevalence 2009-2050

There are currently around 245,000 people with dementia in Australia. By mid-century, we will have over 1.13 million Australians with dementia. 

Dementia is the leading single cause of disability in older Australians (aged 65 years or older) and is responsible for one year in every six years of disability burden for this group.

It is one of the fastest growing sources of major disease burden, overtaking coronary heart disease in its total wellbeing cost by 2023. Dementia will become the third greatest source of health and residential aged care spending within about two decades.  These costs alone will be around 1% of GDP.

By the 2060s, spending on dementia is set to outstrip that of any other health condition. It is projected to be $83 billion (in 2006-07 dollars), and will represent around 11.0% of the entire health and residential aged care sector spending.

To read the full report please click here: Keeping dementia front of mind

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