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The Australian Families of the Military Research and Support Foundation (AFOM) is a Foundation set up by past and current serving Australian Military Personnel and their families.

Our mission is to advance the health and wellbeing of partners and families of past and current serving Australian Military Personnel.

We aim to become the foremost organisation in Australia that:

  • promotes, coordinates and funds research that is not encumbered by political and/or Departmental outcomes.
  • provides support for and advocates for the needs of partners and families of past and current Australian Military personnel.

Latest News & Updates

August 26, 2016

Ruth Rogers

in Directors
Ruth comes from a long line of Military family. Her Father served in the Malaysian Emergency, PNG from 1966 to 1972, and a Maralinga Veteran. Married to a retired Infantry soldier and has a son who served for 10 years completing 3 tours Timor, Iraq and…
July 21, 2016

A Visual Guide to Generalized Anxiety Disorder

in General
What’s Normal? It's natural to worry during stressful times. But some people feel tense and anxious day after day, even with little to worry about. When this lasts for 6 months or longer, it may be generalized anxiety disorder. Many people don't know they…
June 27, 2016

AFOM Ladies Retreat

in Events
A few months ago I was trawling through Facebook when I came across this flyer for a weekend away in the Hunter Valley. This ‘Ladies Retreat’ was organised and funded by AFOM, posted by a lady by the name of Gail MacDonell. After a quick spot of research, I…
June 21, 2016

Depression Overview

in Health
Depression: What Is It? It's natural to feel down sometimes, but if that low mood lingers day after day, it could signal depression. Major depression is an episode of sadness or apathy along with other symptoms that lasts at least two consecutive weeks and is…
May 04, 2016 315

Get Involved

Our focus areas - research, support and advocacy
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Apr 19, 2016 436

Dinner with John Cantwell - May 21st 2016

It is with very deep regret, that we must postpone the Dinner with John Cantwell until…
Apr 18, 2016 231

AFOM 'Lovedale Long Lunch' Fundraiser - May 14th 2016

AFOM is hosting another Lovedale Long Lunch Fundraiser again this year.
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Apr 17, 2016 195

AFOM Ladies Pamper Retreat Weekend - Hunter Valley

On the 8th to 10th of April, we held our first 'Ladies Pamper Retreat Weekend' event for…
Apr 17, 2016 195

Gail MacDonell

Founder/Executive Director Mrs MacDonell is the wife of a Vietnam veteran. Gail has three…
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Apr 17, 2016 200

Some past and current projects

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